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How CEOs Handle Their Power

Emotional Intelligence CEOs typically put in countless hours to prepare for this important company role. They tend to learn how to be a leader during their stay in middle management. Often, these managers make mistakes such as being overbearing, micromanaging,…

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10 Ways To Welcome Your New Recruit

A brand new hire joining your team is quite the accomplishment. After countless hours of recruiting, you’ve made it to their start date. It’s time to roll out the red carpet a bit and make them feel welcome. Don’t miss…

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How To Scale Complex Selling Strategies With Sales Integration

Sales teams face a variety of daily challenges. However, one that really deters their goals to beat their quotas is the sheer volume of systems that they have to use.  In order to be successful, you’ll need to analyze data…

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10-20-30 Minute Rest Breaks

“I thought rest breaks were 10 minutes but my employees are saying they should get 15 minutes. Who is right?” Your HR Survival Tip You are right; the paid rest breaks are 10 minutes. However, there have been legal decisions made…

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2 Traits Hiring Managers Look for During Interviews

Hiring managers look for similar things when interviewing candidates. However, there are some traits that they look for and they don’t even realize it themselves. Job seekers need to understand this in order to interview well and be seen in…

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How To Bridge The Soft Skills Gap

As more and more young people are coming into the market, the larger the soft skills gap becomes. There is no way to avoid hiring individuals that lack these skills. Instead of limiting your hiring radius, build soft skill training…

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