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7 Things that Mentally Strong People Avoid

September 26th, 2017

7 Things that Mentally Strong People Avoid Mentally strong individuals have common characteristics such as optimism, persistence and a drive that help them to succeed. They are a force to be reckoned with and often avoid things that will draw them away from productivity and their overall goal for success.

Mentally strong people avoid these 7 things and find greater achievement and fulfillment as a result.

  1. Entertaining the fear of change

Those that are strong mentally do not fear change. Rather, they embrace it and feel more inspired because they do. These individuals won’t shy away from change but instead they welcome new opportunities.

  1. Wasting time feeling sorry for themselves

Mentally strong people don’t sit around and feel sorry for themselves. They know how to handle a variety of circumstances and grow from the hand their dealt rather than “cry over spilled milk.” In fact, they tend to rise up with a shrug of the shoulders and press on.

  1. Worry over things outside their control

Mentally strong individuals are not complainers. They don’t worry about things beyond their control. When times get tough, they choose a positive outlook and work toward the things they can control rather than spending time on things they cannot.

  1. People pleasing

A person that is mentally strong will not try and please others but just be themselves. They are able to extend goodwill toward others but not worry over pleasing everyone around them. If someone gets upset, then they accept that as a possibility and do the best they can to be pleasant while not changing their course of action to please others.

  1. Habitual, similar mistakes

One that is mentally strong will not continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. They learn from their mistakes, struggles, and tough situations. Mentally strong people take responsibility for their errors and bad calls.  Moving forward, they make different choices and grow from their past experiences.

  1. Focus on the past

Dwelling on the past can bring you down.  Mentally strong people are able to look to the future rather than focus on the past. Moving forward and learning from their experiences is important and they will work hard to grow in all situations.

  1. Begrudge other’s success

The mentally strong can celebrate other’s success.  They don’t feel threatened because someone else has abilities or shows potential. In fact, they may even take note of the decisions that helped someone else succeed so they can do the same.

Mentally strong people rise up rather than shy away from opportunities for growth and success.

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