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Laws Signed by the Governor

November 14th, 2017

Apparently crossing one’s fingers in hopes the Governor wouldn’t sign all the employment laws put in front of him doesn’t work.

I know this because the following laws were signed and will go into effect in 2018:LAWS SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR

Parental Leave
SB63 mandates you must allow up to 12 weeks of unpaid time off for parental baby bonding leave. This new law hits companies of 20+ employees but eligibility rules apply. You are also required to maintain and pay for health insurance while the employee is on this leave. This is protected time off so you must give the employee their “same or similar position” upon their return to work. Previously, this type and length of leave were only available for employees of companies with 50+ employees.

Prior Salary History
AB168 will prohibit companies from asking applicants about their prior salary/wages at previous jobs. You may also be penalized for not providing your pay ranges when requested. The concept is to ensure you are paying a fair market value for the position itself rather than basing the wage/salary on what they previously earned. In theory, this may also make it harder for the applicant to ask for a higher wage based on wanting to make as much or more than they were previously earning. Make sure you eliminate the salary question on your employment applications.

Criminal History
AB1008, also known as ban-the-box legislation, prohibits you from asking about criminal history prior to giving the applicant a conditional offer of employment. We believe this means no background check that includes criminal history until after you’ve made a conditional offer. Then the applicant has 5 days to refute what you found if the findings result in a retraction of the offer. Legally, you will have a few hoops to jump through with required documents. This law affects companies with 5+ employees.

One thing these new laws have in common is the need for you to document everything. Some of the documentation will be required by law and the rest is needed to protect your company. While we’ve always recommended documenting, now it’s becoming crucial to avoid penalties and lawsuits.

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