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Managed Services and Vendor Management System

In addition to a dedicated team of professionals to provide seamless on- or off-premises contingent workforce management to our preferred clients, The Lawton Group offers a VMS solution to control and provide visibility of all contingent workers, from requisition through payment, enabling our clients to accurately gauge resource requirements and assess program successes, project timing, respective costs, compliance issues and quality or quantity metrics to improve an existing program or initiate a new one.

Our VMS Solution is a SaaS model which offers an easy-to-use interface that requires minimal clicks and offers embedded help, wizards and alerts.

  • Real-time Standard and Ad Hoc Reports are readily available: the reports needed help to keep track of the program's success factors, including worker and supplier performance, rate analysis and spend trending.
  • Graphical and interactive analysis of human capital data is provided to help better interpret program information and proactively detect emerging trends regarding several key performance indicators.
  • Benchmarking: data comparisons to other customers can help clients identify best practices and understand strengths and weaknesses.
  • Integrates with leading back-end systems to create synergies with areas such as HR management, identity tracking, time tracking, payroll, invoicing and payables.

The Lawton Group's VMS Partner is a leading technology provider that enables hundreds of organizations to successfully find and manage thousands of contingent workers

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